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Nyungwe National Park

Nyungwe National Park is Africas largest protected mountain rainforest with an area of over 1000 km2. It offers a rare and important habitat for a lot of species, and mainly the primates and birds.

Nyungwe has not been fully discovered there are more than 310 bird species, 26 of which are endemic; it is a bird watching destination in Africa.
The highest point in the park is Mount Bigugu reaching to almost 3000 meters above sea level. Nyungwe National Park is also a habitat to one of Africa's highest concentrations of chimpanzees and a sometimes noisy, energetic combination of other primates such as Ruwenzori colobus and Lhotses monkeys.

A number of walking trails and hiking trails criss-cross the Park towards the canopy walk, primate tracking adventures, southernmost source of the Nile and ecotourism attractions.

Nyungwe is Rwandas primary water catchment area, sheltering more than two-thirds of all of its waters. It receives more than 2000 mm of rainfall a year and thus is also the source of Africas great rivers. The rain that falls to the east side feeds the Nile and on the west runs to the Congo.

Other attractions to the park include the colorful array of orchids, butterflies, moths and other insects. Cultural tourism activities are also being developed near the edge of the Park. A number of camping sites have also been developed to allow visitors visiting the park to relax while undertaking the walking and hiking activities

Nyungwe has also opened a canopy walk, the only one of its kind in East Africa where tourists can view the incredible biodiversity of this rare forest from a spectacular vantage point.